Top 50 Brokers

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An interactive table and graph showing the UK's top 50 insurance brokers.

Year: 2011

Client: Insurance Times


Whilst the subject matter might not appeal to most people, the technical challenge in creating a tool to allow people to get a detailed overview of a complex market were still significant.

The Insurance Times Top 50 was traditionally a printed piece. The move to digital allowed us to create a tool that gave people the chance to focus on their particular sector, and to compare themselves with their closest competitors.


The graph was custom built in SVG, with object oriented Javascript handling the data and manipulating the graph and table behind the scenes. The drop-downs used the stunningly effective Chosen plugin by Harvest.

Despite being data intensive, the project is completely stand alone and does not use a database. Instead, the data is stored as JSON that is processed by custom Javascript objects at run time.